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American Kestrel Company, LLC provides system development, design and certification services for aircraft, ice protection systems, and sensors. Founder David Parkins is an FAA Designated Engineering representative specializing in the icing flight certification of Part 23 and 25 aircraft, Part 27 and 29 rotorcraft, Tiltrotors, and Part 35 (propellers) as well as systems and modifications. In addition to being an instrumented pilot, Mr. Parkins is a past Chairman of the SAE AC-9C Aircraft Icing Technical Subcommittee. American Kestrel is very active in icing related standards development and within the icing community including ASTM. American Kestrel provides the following certification support services:
  • Negotiation of icing certification basis;
  • Coordination of icing certification with the regulatory agency,
  • Icing specific analysis (LEWICE thermal and ice accretion analysis);
  • Failure modes and effects criticality Analysis (FMECA and FMEA);
  • Environmental test plans (RTCA Do-160);
  • Test plans (flight test, icing wind tunnel test, freezing fog, blowing snow, etc.);
  • Test data approvals (Mechanical Systems DER specializing in icing).
American Kestrel provides certification support for the following aircraft components/systems:
  • engine installations,
  • propeller ice protection,
  • windshield ice protection,
  • engine inlets,
  • cooling inlets,
  • antenna installations,
  • fuel tank vents,
  • radomes,
  • wings,
  • struts, and
  • elevator/rudder horns.

Above is test wing in the NASA Glenn Icing Research Tunnel. This facility is typically used both in the development and certification stages of an icing certification program for an aircraft looking to obtain known icing approval. When combines with ice accretion analysis utilizing programs like LEWICE and flight testing, it provides a controlled environment for verifying the performance and performance envelope of the proposed integrated aircraft component.

is typical ice shaped formed in the NASA Glenn Icing Research Tunnel. The wing is swept, hence the right pointing ice fingers.

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