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Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or ME/CFS, is a devastating chronic disease that affects 15-30 million worldwide.

#MEAction has written an open letter to NIH institute director, Dr. Walter Koroshetz, and CDC division director Dr. Inger Damon to express our lack of confidence in their interagency approach to ME/CFS. Drs. Koroshetz and Damon co-lead the Interagency ME/CFS Working Group, which met last month, and oversee the ME/CFS program activities within their respective agencies. Their inaction to advance biomedical research, medical education, and care and treatment for people living with ME/CFS is unacceptable, and #MEAction holds them, and other top agency leaders, directly responsible.
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Also another great organisation doing good work.
Adaptive Snowsports at Greek Peak - a premier adaptive ski program

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